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Silver Screen Pictures Ltd.
A entertainment company with a dream. A company passionate about the business of complete entertainment. A company seriously set on adding a glow to the face of the entertainment industry and plans for becoming a full fledged Media & entertainment Company.
Silver Screen Pictures Ltd is on its way to creating a respected name for itself. The company with its futuristic plans is seeking to strengthen its hold on all areas of Media and Entertainment business. It aims to produce feature films in Hindi and in other regional languages on a regular basis, produce T.V. Serials, Music Album, News and Entertainment Channel and other areas of Media and Entertainment.
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George Mathew
Silver Screen Pictures Ltd.,
507, BNG House, 201, D.N. Road,
Fort, Mumbai - 400001
Maharashtra, India
PhoneNo. : 022 - 22626404 / 22626081
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Fax No. : 022 - 22626820
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